ASB Consult offers a variety of marketing related services for the travel and tourism industry, and each project is tailormade and could be as follow:

Strategic Planning
This could focus on creating new ideas, establishing new activities and enterprises or also redesigning existing activities or companies, and it could be related to companies or destinations.

Market Research
We could assist in definging the need for information, find the relevant sources, design and perform smaller research studies, as well as suggest activities based on the results from the research.

We shall be able to assist in developing a good platform for the content of your market communication, evaluate and discuss the message and the channels to be used, aiming at giving the best possible result and return on investment.

PR Services
The PR services are related to our network in media, selecting the important partners and establishing a dialogue, as well as creating and distributing of press releases, organizing of press briefings and press trips etc.

Project Management
We have an extensive experience from project management, and since major projects may be a challenge to the organization of a company, we can provide external assistance in structuring and management of such projects.

Human Resources
Since company organizations tend to be tied up in traditions, this can be a challenge related to innovation and new ideas, where we as a partner can assist in releasing the internal resources and make the organization more dynamic.

Event Organizing
Special events require both skills and experience, a network of contacts, as well as manpower. Based on many years of experience, we can assist from A-Z in planning and performing such as seminars, conferences, workshops, fam trips etc..

Staff Training
In particular for the travel industry, the skills and attitude of the staff is a very important part of the product offered to the clients. We can assist in making training plans, developing material and performing the training of staff members.

For an industry very much depending on human resources and manpower, it is extemely important to build a good team. We can assist in evaluating the need, and to find, reccruit and brief the right employees to be part of your team.

To build a strong network is important, whether it is to gain information about the market or to establish a partnership to create business. Based on our network, we can assist companies in establishing a suitable network and partnership in Norway.

Please contact us to discuss how we can form the basis for a good and effective collaboration to achieve the best results.